It's what you've all been waitin' for, ain't it?

I guess there's gotta be one hundred-trillion-million different blogs about fashion, and media, and all of the tags we bout to start slappin' out, but we're on something a bit closer to home, ya know? Before we get on the roll with this, I think I'ma lay it out there what we're about - just us. We're not here to satisfy the reading tastes of uptown divas, or southern runners, if you like what we say, then follow-up once or twice or thrice-thousand, but if not, no hard feelings and we'll keep at it. Ya digg?

I know I know, who is WE? We consists of two girls, the oh so lovely Sarah and the not-so-lovely Kasia, jk. We're raised in good-ole PG County, Maryland which is where most of our inspiration from. From the street fashion of high school drama to the drum beats of DC gogo, our hearts' are in it all.

So why not kick off your shoes and stay awhile?

lets begin!!