Getting a little lazy over here

Yeah I'm at Sarah's house.
Yeah my undies are on the floor.
And yeah we got a little lazy so uh to our gazillion million nonexistant readers we'll be back next week. =]

So I'm pleased to announce

That my color-infatuated partner Kasia will be coming back to the heart of the US this Sunday, Maryland! (Annapolis is the capital genius) So in a giant excited celebration, I'll be putting up photos taken from her time being here.

We've already agreed on some artistic photoshoots, but for the fun of it I'll toss in a few of the more unattractive her in the morning.


Can't wait!

Anyway, I've suddenly had a fashion crush on Versace. Don't you just love how edgy their style is?

Blinded By The....Shoes?!

Well I mean, sure they're guy shoes and sure they require the savviest of all fashion-rockin-guys but how cool would it be if someone pulled these Ato Matsumoto sneakers?!
"ATO"'s Ato Cow Hide Boot comes in one glorious metallic silver to firey red, you decide your favorite, and dang, if only my man could rock em...See more of Ato's line at
Oki-Ni They even convert the prices for you!!

Ehhh...I've got a video crush

And yeah, I really don't like fallin' into the hype of mainstream but I was on this song for a lil while now before it was bumpin' through your radio, so don't judge me! Regardless. Here's Kid Cudi Ft. Kanye West and Common - Make Her Say (I Poke Her Face)

Thank goodness for collaborations

I mean with out them this blog wouldn't even be here. Love you Sarah. =]

But anyways, this morning, I saw them. The new Mosley Tribes x Hellz Bellz sunglasses. One in black and red, my favorite, and another in brown. I can't wait until they come out in Spring 2010.

Thanks High Snobiety!

Kanye's new mixtape

So Kanye West has got a new mixtape called R & Yeezy filled with R & B and "every collabo imaginable." -OnSMASH

Download Thanks OnSMASH

A day late

...and a dollar short.

Chris Brown's Apology

I still love you though. =]

Alrighty then..

First Cassie, now Rihanna. Rihanna was seen in West Village with both sides if her head shaven. Well, atleast no one can say I'm copying her hairsyle anymore. But forrealz, why would you want to to that to your hair? And bet she won't be the last to do it. Please don't start this trend America, please. Lol.

Now THAT'S beauty!

We gotta admit, over the years fashion has taken huge steps in changes. From forbidding our ladies to show their ankles to pasties, we made some dynamic innovations in fashion.

But how can anyone say the retro styles circa 1950's? Hot red lipstick, circle skirts and the most beautiful wavy hair, I think I'm an addict...

The pure sensual look of women comes from pin-up girls of the era! Even now celebrities like Christina Agulera and Gwen Stefani try to re-create the looks but, seriously, can they ever get that Marilyn Monroe look? (I was just trying to throw a name out there you'd know, I don't find her gorgeous at all lol.)

I'm just glad the style never died!

I love Dita Von Tesse ;[

I'ma lil late

I just thought this was so neat. It's a color-picker pen designed by Korean designer Jinsu Park.
It's basically like an eye-dropper tool on the go.

"the color picker pen enables colors in the environment to be scanned and instantly used for drawing. the sensor detects the color and matches it to the color display. then the RGB cartridge located within the pen mixes the inks together to create the color that has been scanned."
-Design Boom

Yeah, I just posted but whatever...

One thing I love more than DIY instructions (I like to think I'm cool enough to make my own things...) is seeing people make their own creations. Thus, my obbsession with

While looking through PILES of great jewelry made my an insane amount of talented people (what's the word for people who make their own jewelry?) I stumbled upon dirtystory. She only sells cuff's on her etsy shop, but I LOVE THEM! Each one is designed with patterns like peacocks, zebras, peonies, stripes, you name a cute pattern? She made it!

Check out her page!

I'm in love with the peacock ones ;]

Matte Nailpolish?

We all know nail polish has that extra shine to blind ANYONE who gets attracted to our colorful acrylics. But how do would you feel about shine-less, glitter-less, dull finger nails? When I first read about it, I gotta admit, it sounded pretty...sad. But I think I'm ready to make the first leap into Matte Nail Polish. You can find them in tons of brands now such as Essie, Zoya, or OPI.

I love it!

Damn, I'm on a roll...

Look what I found everybody!

I think it's freakin' adorable and unique.

"Made by designers Marina and Susanna Sent, who belong to a family which has worked for generations in Murano, the ancient center for the production of Venetian glass in Italy..."

You can find it at the MoMA Store.

Dear Michael Kors

Oh how you rock my world. Just when I was about to give up on handbags going through websites saying "!!" I see your masterpiece. Thank you, Michael Kors, for giving me hope. This is a part of his Fall '09 Collection, comes in assorted colors and cost way to much for me ($595), but I'll still lust for ya baby...

I haven't helped Kasia out in'a minute...

So for awhile I didn't have any access to a computer because I recently moved to IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, Maryland. As bad as that sucked, I'm back with some nice eye-candy, strange accessories and some music for the hungry ears.

Well! This has been out for a few months so bear with me, but I just now laid my eyes on it...the Chanel Perspex Briefcase. Now I know Chanel comes out with some tasty lookin' accessories...but come on. look at it!

I gotta admit, the little "necessity" slots for your purse, iPod, make-up and glasses is a nice touch but really, this?

Maybe it's my distaste for the over-the-top fashion for the working men and women that turns me off to this, but I don't know. Yay or nay?

Anyway, I recently went out with a great friend (peep his blog! for a walk around DC and went to the National Portrait Gallery in Gallery Place. I think I'm in love! It's divided into three floors and my favorite was the third. I'll update this later with some pictures of the collections, but until then, take my word on it, the gallery was lovely.

Before I go, I want to put up a video of La Roux, a duo who's got me a little curious. I think the music is okay but what do you think?

I'm personally into Elly Jackson's (the singer) choice in style.

Well that's all for today, I know Kasia did her own blog today but whatever ;]


Paper bag? Huh?

Thanks Jak & Jil!

Look at it. Just look at it.Look at it for a second and tell me this Chanel paper bag doesn't intrigue you just a little bit. Better yet, tell me that you don't want it or think it's inspiring. I think someone should make a whole line like this. Shiiit someone get me a paper bag, a marker and chain and I'll make one. Lls.

Did you know?

This squence of number apeared on our clocks this moring. Apparently it only happens every couple of centuries.

12:34:56 7/8/9

Omoshiroi desu ne. (Interesting, isn't it?)

Y'all are terrible

Why don't we pay attention to the greats while they're here? Of course yall know I'm talking about Michael Jackson. It bothers me how people wannna jump and put Thriller on their MySpace when yall know yall didn't care about him a week before he died. You didn't care that he was going on a come back tour, you didn't care about who got custody of his kids, you were probably one of the ones still making jokes about him violating little boys. I understand honoring the dead (I'm not even going to discuss that asshole Peter King, smh) but you didn't have to watch tribute shows when you really wanted to watch Spongebob 'cause I know I wasn't. I still want to pay tribute to the King of Pop so I'm buying this sexy limited edition t-shirt by Shaun Neff. By the way this is very revised cuz I had a few choice words for some of yall. My mom, a true MJ fan, smacked me in the head when she read the first one.

I'm getting the black one; you should get one too. =]

It's okay I guess?

"Oo have you seen Chris Brown's 'Oops!' Chain?"

Why yes I have. It's a 42.6 carats white diamonds, 10 carats yellow diamonds, 17.35 blue saphires, 13.3 carats rubies, 980.45 gold grams piece of sheer okay-ness designed by celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben said to be worth $300, 000. He wore it at Sean Combs' "Malaria No More" White Party. I personally don't think it's all that but hey, whatever floats your boat Chris. (Though I do have to say it's better than T-Pain's 'Big Ass Chain')

Come on now..

Awhile back I heard Disney was going to make a black princess movie called The Princess and the Frog. Not a big shock considering it seems they've done every other race (Asian, White, Native American, etc.). So as I browsed the Internet on this glorious Monday I see an article about it where critics call it racist and plan to boycott it. Really? Just because she has a perm? or because the movie's set in New Orleans? or because she's a frog half the time? or because the the prince is lighter than her? I don't think it's that serious and I don't think that the main audience for this movie, little kids, will find it that offensive either. I think they just be happy to see a cartoon character that's their color, go see the movie, buy the doll and be on their merry way so calm down.

So this caught our eyes...

Thanks to piles of subscriptions, we found what I think is the best thing ever made for sneakers.

The newest accessory to any outfit could well be Sabrina Dehoff's "sneaker jewelry" made especially for the Nike Sportswear Air Max 1 Campaign. (thanks XTM online!)

Now, I know everyone has their own opinions about over-accessorizing but this shit is just plain fresshhh

Better believe I'll be hittin up this accessory.

That's all for now.