Turn the lights on!

Oh baby by the way, oh baby by the way! Did you know Marcus Tremonto, for his Looplight exhition in London, made this pixel light bulb?

As soon as I saw this the first thing I did was imagine how I could incorporate this into my room (it wouldn't work. =[ ), I mean who wouldn't? Tell me it doesn't look neat. It reminds me of old video games or N.E.R.D's Everyone Nose Remix video.

What happens

....to a opinion unformed? Does it dry up, like a raisin in the sun?

Yeah I dunno. I wouldn't wear theses but I'm trying to figure out if they're more suited for my little cousins or for people my age. Yes, these were made for women but still. Anyways, Hello Kitty fans rejoice! These were made by Saniro and Reebok to commemorate Hello Kitty's 35th Birthday. The Hello Kitty x Reebok Freestyle Hi INTL-LUX Kitty comes in two colorways, featuring leather uppers, the inner lining is quilted in leather and it cost $150. Not too bad..


I like Obama as much as the next person. I even have a pin to show my affection (well it's my mom's but whatever..), not a whole damn dress. And if you had said dress, would you wear it to the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards? Nah, probably not. So what made Victoria Rowell think it was okay for her to do it? Black people these days, soon as they find a black figure they like they have to go and plaster their face all over their clothes. Jeez.

Look in awe.

"I want yooooou ba-buh." Or maybe not..I'm still undecided.
See I was looking at it thinking it was so original and cute. But yeah this is Brian Lichtenburg's Freakum Dress sold exclusively at Karmaloop and it cost $262. So much for actually getting it. But as I looked at it, I was still intrigued. I wondered if the shirt was attached and under further examination I found out it was. That lessened it's apeal to me because it only comes in three colors: nude (shown), a see-through black, and floral. But if you still want it you can use my Rep Code, KS38477, and get 20% off.

These are a few of my favorite things...

Ironically, two of my major obsessions have just, or about to, hit the scenes for my happy Asian convenience.

In case I haven't already told you, I'm kind of in love with the series House M.D that airs on Fox. Well I've tried my hardest to be faithful in watching all the episodes but when it hits five seasons...it gets hard. I'm putting the past behind me though, because as of September 21st (which is ironically my two year anniversary with the male piece...) House Season Six will air! Am I excited? That's an understatement. Mental Wards, Hugh Laurie I missed you so...

Anyway...number two on the obsession list is none other than the oh-so-talented Kid Cudi. I know I know! I'm a little late with the post but his new album (which has yet to be officially sold) Man on the Moon was leaked out to hungry online fans on Sept. 6th. Did I peep the songs? HELL YES! All I can say is good job Cudi...good job. I'm looking forward to actually BUYING the album, which I have to admit, I haven't done in some time now. Oh Kid Cudi, what will you do next?!

It's too early in the morning for this ish...

So I think instead of straining for something constructive to post on here, Kasia and I should just go off and post what we feel like, so by the end of the piece we'll have something interesting today.

So so so....I've been sleeping more, bed at eight up at five (school's got us all under it's not so attractive thumb) but I still don't feel refreshed. What a bummer.

A shout out Eryn! Happy birthday bruhhh.

Instead of rambling on about the latest pair of shoes or a not so interesting watch I wanna bring up something political today...

The Cincinnati Tea Party!

I dunno, it just interests me...today they're going to storm the streets of D.C to protest against government taxes.

I'm not much for the republican, democratic debates because I was never too hungry to throw myself into politics but I don't know...protests inspire me.

Well I should get started on this photography project...gotta make a diagram of a TLR camera. Let's see if my drawing is still decent...

So long!

I wanna lick you from your head to your toes...

Does anyone remember that song? I do.

Well, I'm back at updating! I know I know, we've been slacking! But I have something interesting for youu..

Thanks to ThinkGeek (I'm lame) I stumbled upon the coolest watch, ever. I'm sure there's more nice looking watches out there, more exotic looking, more expensive...but have you ever seen a REAL SPY WATCH BEFORE? Probably not.

It has 8GBs of memory on it for the ultra awesome ability to RECORD VIDEOS AND SOUND!!

Oh, it also tells time.

Would I ever actually need this? No. But how cool would it be to tell someone I had a spy watch?

Not really as cool as I think, but I still think it's cool...