Maybe Not Those Shorts

...but I'm getting this jacket, or sweater, or whatever it is. This was on my mind all day yesterday. Usually I don't like DimePiece (it was just another brand selling lipstick t-shirts or a Hellz Bellz wanna-be to me) but damn their stepping it up...well the jacket anyways and ummm I'm getting it. And like the readers of The Fashion Bomb said, Cassie should stick to modeling cuz she does look pretty nice here.

Check out their Fall Collection.

Let's Bring It Back

Sarah and I have been kinda busy this summer and now we have school and unfortunately our schoolwork comes first but I'm taking a break from studying French and read confusing AP Essays to bring you this:

For the 2009 Shoemania Design Competition, students Tove Jansson and Per Emanuelsson designed these chain stilettoes. Of course they won. These are so original, it's like something you'd see in a dream, but they're not going into production since they're just concept shoes.


I feel bad how pathetic we've been with the updates...well, since I don't really have any actual "fashion" information, I'll just update how both of us have been lately.

Kasia's new school has yet to satisfy her. Come back to PG County, K-Sha!

I'm starting school too soon, and I swear, three schools in three years isn't exactly comforting.

On to do some school shopping!

Clothes: Forever 21
Heels: 4"Steve Madden Caged Heels
Jewelry: Vintage
Belt: Vintage

All of DMV gonna be talkin' bout this tonight...

Thank God for DC's unique style in clothes, music, and downright swag in dance because America's Best Dance Crew gave the nation a fresh view on what the DMV's got to offer. DC's own Beat Ya Feet Kings took on ABDC with a strong audition that I gotta admit, I got hyped over lol.

Their first performance was pretty whack but their death match routine took it all.

Peep MTV every Sunday @ 9 and check out the Beat Ya Feet Kings and other crews...while you're at it, why not vote for our own home-grown dancers?!