An announcement...

So as a mutual (yet slightly coaxed) choice, Eyeliner&Bamboos has slid it's course onto a new website:

I know I know, we must be betraying you! But we're not, just moving! I, Sarah Loveeee, will still maintain this blog just as a personal one, ya know, not shared and all?

So peep them both why don't ya!

I'm a little jealous....

So I've been real busy lately, just got my interim today and well, it's a fifty-fifty feeling. It seems that I've got half really good grade and half...well....moving on.

I'm sure you're wondering why I put a random picture of an obvious fashion designer who's name has slipped my mind and a surprisingly chic child.

Meet Tavi, the style rookie! She's got to be the cutest, most intelligent, and definitely the most hip girl I've ever laid my eyes on...and she's only thirteen! It's kind of sad to say that I'm extremely jealous of her, not only does she have the riches galore to buy expensive clothing, she has the living conditions to meet famous people and go to fashion shows every other day, but most importantly?

She's got more subscribers that us.

Sigh, please fill out empty blogging tummies.

Who's excited for Halloween?!!